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When Is the Best Time of Year to Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

Individuals considering hair restoration with Dr. Bernardino Arocha can learn about factors to consider when choosing the best time of year for a hair transplant.

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Jan 05, 2024

Everything in Moderation, Including Work

thinning hair remediesWe’ve known for a long time that heightened stress can contribute to…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Nov 21, 2019

Side Effects of Hair Transplantation

Androgenetic alopecia, better known as genetic hair loss, affects a large population of both men and women. If you are concerned by your thinning hair,…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Apr 27, 2018

The Difference Between a Good and a Bad Hair Transplant

Modern hair restoration techniques and treatments are able to produce hair that looks completely natural. However, while the science and practice of hair transplants has…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Apr 05, 2018

History of Hair Transplants - How Far They Have Come

The term “hair transplants” often comes with a preconceived negative connotation for unnatural looking hair and the now infamous hair plugs of past procedures. Modern…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Jan 25, 2018

Do You Need Revision Hair Transplant Surgery for an Old Procedure?

Modern hair transplant surgery has come a long way since the days of the now infamous “hair plug” procedures. Modern hair restoration procedures, like follicular…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Nov 10, 2017

Taking Transplantation to the Next Level with FUE

FUE Hair TreatmentOver the years, there have been many methods used to try and transplant hair. As…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Aug 04, 2017

The University of Texas Southwestern Credited with Blockbuster Hair Loss Discovery

Researchers in Dallas Accidentally Discover the Cell that Causes Hair Growth

According to a new study from researchers at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center,…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Jun 01, 2017

How Does Hair Loss Affect Women?

Though hair loss is most commonly associated with men, many women are also impacted by pattern hair…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Apr 18, 2017

What is the ARTAS® Robotic System?

ARTAS Robotic Hair TransplantsFollicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is one of the best methods of hair transplant…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Apr 04, 2017

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Since 2002, Bernardino A. Arocha, M.D. has been transforming lives through the power of hair restoration. With an artistic approach and a variety of procedures available, Arocha Hair Restoration has a track record of providing stunning results. Dr. Arocha is affiliated with prominent organizations with memberships that include:

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  • Fellow, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS)
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