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Everything in Moderation, Including Work

thinning hair remediesWe’ve known for a long time that heightened stress can contribute to…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Nov 21, 2019

Nonsurgical Hair Restoration Techniques

Millions of men and women are unfortunately familiar with the debilitating effects of genetic hair loss. While hair transplants can provide balding patients with restorative…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Jun 14, 2018

How Hormones Affect Your Hair Loss

Hair loss is an unavoidable part of life for most men and women as they age. Hair transplantation surgery and various medications and medicated treatments…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on May 10, 2018

How to Grow Hair Faster with Doctor Arocha

For many people who suffer from hereditary hair loss later on in life, learning how to grow hair faster is a common request. While hereditary…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Apr 12, 2018

Thinning Hair Remedies in 2018

Using the right remedies and treatment options, thinning hair can effectively be managed in 2018. Although the miracle cure for hair loss remains undiscovered, new…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Mar 29, 2018

Is Hairline Restoration a Thing?

Hair restoration has come a long way since the days of unsightly hair plugs. New procedures result in hair that looks natural and is indistinguishable…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Mar 15, 2018

History of Hair Transplants - How Far They Have Come

The term “hair transplants” often comes with a preconceived negative connotation for unnatural looking hair and the now infamous hair plugs of past procedures. Modern…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Jan 25, 2018

I Have Thinning Hair. What Now?

Thinning hair no longer has to diminish your self-confidence. Thanks to experts in hair restoration like Dr. Arocha, you can restore your self-confidence by combating…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Nov 15, 2017

How Do Keloids Factor into Hair Restoration?

When you decide to undergo hair restoration, you’re most likely focused on the result of the transplant, not possible scarring. After all, you’ve done your…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Oct 13, 2017

Three Reasons FUT is a Top Choice in Hair Restoration

When considering your options for hair restoration today, you no longer have to worry about ending up with unnatural tufts of hair sprouting from your…

Posted by Bernard Arocha, MD on Sep 10, 2017

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Arocha Hair Restoration

Since 2002, Bernardino A. Arocha, M.D. has been transforming lives through the power of hair restoration. With an artistic approach and a variety of procedures available, Arocha Hair Restoration has a track record of providing stunning results. Dr. Arocha is affiliated with prominent organizations with memberships that include:

  • Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)
  • Fellow, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS)
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)

If you're ready for a full head of hair, we invite you to contact us with our form or call us at (713) 526-4247.

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