How Long Does Tricopigmentation Last? By Bernard Arocha, MD on August 01, 2023

male after tricopigmentation treatmentScalp micropigmentation is a medical tattoo procedure that mimics the appearance of natural hair. Scalp micropigmentation is a minimally invasive treatment option for individuals who experience extensive hair loss. At his hair restoration and transplant center in Houston, TX, Bernardino A. Arocha, M.D. offers tricopigmentation, a unique and beneficial form of scalp micropigmentation.

Individuals considering tricopigmentation frequently ask how long treatment results last. Dr. Arocha prepares patients for how long tricopigmentation lasts and offers aftercare tips and recommendations for getting the most out of tricopigmentation treatment.

What Is Tricopigmentation?

Tricopigmentation is a scalp micropigmentation technique invented in Milan, Italy by Milena Lardi, a permanent and semi-permanent makeup specialist. Dr. Arocha considers it the safest and most realistic-looking micropigmentation option. The technique was created as an alternative to permanent scalp micropigmentation.

The procedure uses hypoallergenic and non-carcinogenic pigments that have passed stringent European safety guidelines that surpass those of the FDA. The procedure is offered by a select number of practitioners worldwide, each of whom has been personally trained by Milena Lardi.

Tricopigmentation is performed using a specialized system with custom needles and personalized techniques. During treatment, Dr. Arocha makes a series of medical tattoos that resemble hair. The procedure is often performed to create the stubble effect or shaved effect, which are great options for sufferers of extreme hair loss. Tricopigmentation can also boost a patient’s existing hair density or conceal scars from previous hair restoration procedures.

Is Tricopigmentation Permanent?

What sets tricopigmentation apart from other scalp micropigmentation techniques is that it’s not permanent. Pigments used in tricopigmentation slowly fade over time, so they don’t leave behind ink like permanent scalp micro pigmentation does. The ink is gradually absorbed into the skin until it is no longer visible.

Average Tricopigmentation Lifespan 

Tricopigmentation is not permanent, but it is long lasting. The lifespan of tricopigmentation depends on skin characteristics and how consistent our Houston patients are with their aftercare practices. On average, tricopigmentation lasts at least one year, with many patients enjoying treatment results for up to two years.

Aftercare Tips

Proper aftercare is essential to prolong tricopigmentation results. We urge our Houston patients to practice the following aftercare tips for 10 days after a tricopigmentation procedure:

  • Do not apply any soap, cleaning, or cosmetic products to the treated area
  • Avoid wetting the treated area or submerging it in water (avoid activities that cause excessive sweating)
  • Do not shave your scalp
  • Avoid sun exposure 
  • Do not wear a helmet, cap, hat, or hair prosthesis for prolonged periods

Touch-up Treatments

Touch-up treatments are the most effective way to prolong tricopigmentation results. Touch-up treatments should be scheduled no earlier than 30 days after the initial treatment, but most patients do not require a touch-up for at least six months. Touch-up treatments can be performed to add density, darken pigmentation, or restore pigmentation where tattoos have faded.

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If you have suffered extensive hair loss and don’t have sufficient follicles for a hair transplant, you may be an ideal candidate for scalp micropigmentation. To learn about the tricopigmentation technique offered by Bernardino A. Arocha, M.D., send us a message and schedule an appointment.

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