Case 4 after Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Do you want to address hair loss without surgery, drugs, or concealers?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a medical tattooing procedure that can enhance areas of thinning hair to restore a youthful-looking scalp.

Arocha Hair Restoration in Houston, TX, is the only clinic in Texas offering tricopigmentation, an advanced type of SMP. Let's take a look:

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP by Dr. Bernardino Arocha in Houston, TX, artfully achieves the appearance of fuller, denser hair by essentially tattooing certain areas of your scalp. It can also reduce the visibility of scars resulting from previous strip harvesting or follicular unit extraction (FUE) treatments. It is very popular among those who wear a closely shaved hairstyle, but it can also benefit those who wear longer hairstyles.

While SMP is widely available, Dr. Arocha is the only doctor in Texas providing tricopigmentation, which is a safer and more realistic-looking variation of the SMP technique.

What Concerns Can SMP Treat?

The most common aesthetic result achieved through SMP is the "stubble effect" (also referred to as the "shaved effect") and the "density effect." These styles of treatment can help with the following concerns:

Hair Thinning 

The density effect is for patients with thinning hair who don't want or cannot undergo surgical hair transplants. Scalp micropigmentation provides the appearance of denser hair and eliminates the need to apply hair loss concealers to the scalp every day.

Hair Loss

The stubble effect can benefit patients who don't have enough donor hair follicles for transplant surgery, want the appearance of a full head of hair and a non-receded hairline, and prefer to wear a "buzzed" hairstyle. Patients with extreme hair loss due to alopecia can greatly benefit from this style of treatment.

Scar Camouflage 

Scar camouflage can help scar tissue from previous hair restoration procedures blend more naturally into the scalp and allow for shorter hair styles that would otherwise reveal the scar tissue.

Take a Look at SMP Transformations

This patient underwent scalp micropigmentation to create a more even hairline that complements his buzzed hairstyle. SMP can be combined with hair transplant procedures or used alone, as in the case of this patient. 
Case 3 before Scalp Micropigmentation
Case 3 immediately after 1st trico-pigmentation session

Why We Use Tricopigmentation

Tricopigmentation is the type of scalp micropigmentation that we choose to offer at Arocha Hair Restoration because it is the safest and most realistic scalp pigmentation option for hair loss sufferers.

Tricopigmentation was developed in Milan, Italy, by Milena Lardi, who personally trains every tricopigmentation practitioner, including Dr. Arocha.

It differs from traditional SMP in a few important ways:

  • The pigments used in tricopigmentation are not typical tattoo inks. Instead, they are specialized semi-permanent makeup pigments that are hypoallergenic, contain no carcinogens, and surpass FDA standards. 
  • The technique involves custom needles and machinery.
  • The pigments, in combination with the technology, provide results that fade over the course of a couple of years. This allows patients to avoid developing the blue or green scalp that traditional SMP techniques using permanent micropigmentation create. Once the effect fades, patients can elect to undergo touch-up treatments.

Recovery time following tricopigmentation is minimal, with some patients returning to work the day following their procedure. Redness and moderate swelling typically last around one to two days after the procedure. If you use tricopigmentation to treat a scar, the redness may persist for three or four days.

Case 2 before scalp trico-pigmentation

Case 2 after scalp trico-pigmentation

"He listened to what I wanted." Houston, TX, Patients Share Their Thoughts


Joshua Calkin

Houston, TX


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Great experience setting an appointment and getting seen by the doctor. The entire experience was quick and efficient. I told the doctor my history with my hair and why I was coming in. We took pictures for a baseline and I was provided a prescription for a fraction of the cost as I typically get it from third parties. Again, great experience and I suggest them for everyone looking on improving their hair health and journey!

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Houston, TX


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I've had numerous hair restoration procedures over the last 30 years in many different clinics and I can honestly say that Arocha Hair Restoration was by far the BEST. Reading online about his education and experience was what drew me in initially. After I spoke with his highly knowledgeable consultants I was even more convinced. He gave 100% attention to me from the beginning consultation to throughout the whole procedure. He listened to what I wanted and was honest about what could be accomplished. 

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