Beard Transplant vs. Supplements By Bernard Arocha, MD on July 06, 2023

man with a full beard restored in Houston by Dr. ArochaFacial hair can be a distinctive feature. Many men believe a beard enhances their appearance and highlights their masculinity. Unfortunately, facial hair is not always easy to grow. Genetics can prevent people from growing the full beard they desire. 

When struggling with facial hair growth, men may consider treatment options such as topical hair loss medication, hair growth supplements, or a beard transplant to fill in a sparse beard. Dr. Bernardino A. Arocha of Hair Restoration & Transplant Center in Houston, TX, discusses the effectiveness of a beard transplant vs. supplements for facial hair growth.

Can Supplements Help Me Grow a Beard?

Before considering a hair transplant, many try topical medications to promote hair growth. Unfortunately, topical medication does not work for facial hair. But in terms of natural supplements, nutrients play a vital role in hair growth and follicle health. Some of the nutrients most essential to hair growth include:

  • Biotin
  • B-vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Keratin
  • Horsetail extract (silica)

Nutrients can promote hair health and possibly improve the shine, thickness, or strength of hair. However, many factors contribute to hair loss, and a sparse beard is unlikely to be strictly related to insufficient nutrients. Ultimately, supplements may have a very limited effect on facial hair growth. The fastest and most effective way to fill in a patchy beard and increase facial hair growth is a beard transplant.

What Is a Beard Transplant?

A beard transplant is a surgical procedure that addresses hair loss. A beard transplant takes donor hair follicles from another part of the body and transplants them to desired areas of the face. The most common donor site is the back of the scalp. A beard transplant can be performed using the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) technique or the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique.

  • FUT - During a FUT beard transplant, Dr. Arocha extracts a strip of tissue from the donor site. Individual grafts are then trimmed from the strip and transplanted to the face.
  • FUE - During an FUE beard transplant, Dr. Arocha extracts individual hair follicles from the donor site and transplants them to the face. This technique results in much smaller scars than a FUT procedure.

Beard Transplant Recovery

Many men are reluctant to undergo a beard transplant because they worry about treatment recovery. Recovery from a beard transplant is much faster and smoother than most would imagine. Our Houston patients typically recover from a beard transplant within a week of treatment. During that timeframe, they may experience minor side effects, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Light bleeding or scabbing
  • Dry, itchy sensation at the donor or transplant site
  • Light bruising

Beard Transplant Results 

A beard transplant provides the most effective facial hair growth results, but it takes time to achieve maximum results. Our Houston patients can begin shaving or trimming their beards around two weeks after their transplant. Within a few weeks of treatment, the transplanted hair may fall out. This is a natural part of the healing process. Gradually new hair grows in, filling out the beard and eliminating patchy spots. Most patients achieve full hair growth results within 12 to 18 months of their transplant. See results in our gallery

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Men who desire a fuller, thicker beard may be ideal candidates for a beard transplant. To learn more about the beard transplant procedure and anticipated treatment results, contact Arocha Hair Restoration & Transplant Center and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bernardino A. Arocha.

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