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Beard Transplant

Facial hair can be a defining feature, which is why many men unable to grow full beards seek out the help of Dr. Bernardino A. Arocha.

A beard transplant allows you to enjoy fuller facial hair even if you don’t have the natural genetics to aid in effortless growth.

Arocha Hair Restoration aids Houston, TX, patients in beard transplants by accurately assessing the area and making a personalized plan.

A Satisfied Patient Results After Beard Restoration

Before beard restoration
Before Pre-op beard and sideburn planning
after beard restoration surgery
After Beard and sideburn restoration

Beard Transplant Cost


The cost of a beard transplant can range between $5,000 and $20,000, depending upon the extent of the area you wish to cover and your desired density. After discussing your needs, a customized quote will be given to you at your consultation.

What to Expect During the Beard Transplant Process

Beard transplants can withstand the test of time. We've had patients who still have regular transplanted hair growth 10 or more years after their surgery.
Beard transplants can withstand the test of time. We've had patients who still have regular transplanted hair growth 10 or more years after their surgery.


Dr. Arocha creates a personalized facial hair plan for each hair transplantation patient. Based on your hair and skin characteristics, he'll determine the ideal hair transplant process that will create the best possible results.


You'll meet with Dr. Arocha to finalize your facial hair plan on the morning of your procedure at our Houston clinic. We'll review the facial hair transplant steps,  revisit your chosen hair transplant approach, and preview your potential beard results using Dr. Arocha's drawings showcasing your dream beard hair.


We use a local anesthetic so you don't feel pain during the procedure. We perform all procedures on-site in our specialized medical suites. 


Once you have approved the beard style and any other area you want covered, such as sideburns or mustache, we transplant the follicles using the FUT or FUE technique. 


Minor swelling within four days post-transplant is normal, and temporary tiny crusts can develop around healing hair follicles. These crusts usually flake off shortly, and we'll guide you in their gentle removal using soap and warm water to protect the grafts. Bruising, a less common side effect, may occur but typically fades within one to two weeks.


Full hair transplant results may take 12 to 18 months to develop. Around two weeks after the procedure, you can start regular shaving and trimming. Expect some initial hair loss after a few weeks, but rest assured, this hair loss will be replaced by new, natural-looking facial hair that you can proudly groom and style.

"Great experience." Houston, TX, Patients Thank Dr. Arocha


Tony Curtis Hughes

Houston, TX


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As an educator & coach, my schedule is tight but AHR works with me to get it done. My face is healing on schedule - with no side effects from the medication. I look forward to my follow-up visit to finalize my beard and serve as walking-advertisement for the great work of Dr.A. and his amazing team. -TC Hughes

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Joshua Calkin

Houston, TX


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Great experience setting an appointment and getting seen by the doctor. The entire experience was quick and efficient. I told the doctor my history with my hair and why I was coming in. We took pictures for a baseline and I was provided a prescription for a fraction of the cost as I typically get it from third parties. Again, great experience and I suggest them for everyone looking on improving their hair health and journey!

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Arocha Hair Restoration

Since 2002, Bernardino A. Arocha, M.D. has been transforming lives through the power of hair restoration. With an artistic approach and a variety of procedures available, Arocha Hair Restoration has a track record of providing stunning results. Dr. Arocha is affiliated with prominent organizations with memberships that include:

  • Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)
  • Fellow, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS)
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)

If you're ready for a full head of hair, we invite you to contact us with our form or call us at (713) 526-4247.

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