5 Reasons to Love the LaserCap® By Bernard Arocha, MD on October 23, 2017

If you have recently noticed increased hair thinning or hair loss, you may have begun to wonder how a doctor might help. Doctors have numerous options to treat pattern hair loss today. In fact, you may find the sheer number of options daunting. Which one is the right one for you? One option to consider if you have early-onset to moderate hair loss is the LaserCap®® LCPro™™.

The LaserCap® has many distinct advantages over other alternatives on the market. You can use the LaserCap® at home or on the go, it’s safe and it’s affordable. Most importantly, scientists, researchers and doctors have proven the LaserCap® not only improves existing hair quality but also increases new hair growth. Consider a few of the many advantages of the LaserCap® LCPro™.

LaserCap® Improves Both Hair Quality AND Quantity

Using light supplied by low-level lasers, LaserCap® stimulates hair follicles and increases follicle-cell respiration. When follicles breathe better, they produce healthier hairs, offering you a twofold benefit. First, follicles producing thinner, weaker hairs will begin to produce stronger, healthier ones. Secondly, dormant follicles producing no hairs will begin once again to grow new ones. These dual benefits mean that you will enjoy a fuller, as well as a more natural-looking, head of hair with consistent use.

Get the Look You Want Right in Your Own Living Room

Among the most important features of the LaserCap® LCPro™ is that it is an at-home treatment option. While patients will need doctor approval, a prescription and training, patients will complete the treatment comfortably in their home and can watch television, read a good book, or even socialize while wearing the cap. The cap, while covering the entire scalp area, easily fits into a hat of the patient’s choosing or one provided.

You can Even Improve Your Look on the Go

Because the LaserCap® is both light and discrete, patients can use the LaserCap® almost anywhere — while driving, running errands, traveling, or even during low-intensity workouts. Worn unnoticeably under almost any cap or hat and powered by a hip-attached battery pack, the LaserCap® allows you the freedom to take on all but the most vigorous tasks. Since most patients typically require only about three 30-minute sessions per week, you will never have to miss a treatment even with the most active schedule.

LaserCap®, Safe by Design

Since the LaserCap® utilizes low-level laser therapy — the power of light — to stimulate poor-functioning follicles, it is among the safest hair treatments on the market. And while you can use the LaserCap® in conjunction with other doctor-approved courses of treatment, the LaserCap® can be used independently as an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures. The use of laser technology makes LaserCap® an ideal solution for those patients who want the greatest benefit with the least possible risk.

Get the Look You’ve Always Wanted AND Save Money

Everyone wants to look their best, but very few of us have unlimited resources available to get the look we want. This fact also makes LaserCap® a very compelling option. It is one of the most cost-effective treatments for hair restoration. The LaserCap® solution — because you can administer it yourself outside of the doctor’s office and without doctor supervision — can help you achieve significant savings. As a result, you can augment your current lifestyle or save for future treatments should they become necessary.

For aggressive hair loss, you may need to consider other options, but for beginning-stage or moderate hair loss, the LaserCap® LCPro™ has tremendous advantages. Besides best-in-class technology, the LaserCap® offers safety, ease-of-use and proven results — all for a very affordable price.

You no longer have to suffer hair loss quietly. Let Dr. Bernardino Arocha help guide you through the options that can help you look your best and satisfy your budget. Call our office at 713-526-4247 for an in-depth and personalized consultation.

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