Wayne Rooney's Bold Story Turning Heads By Bernard Arocha, MD on March 17, 2015

RooneyWayne Rooney is becoming a hero in the hair transplant community. Shortly after the Manchester United and England striker underwent a hair transplant earlier this year, Rooney tweeted a photo of his newly transplanted follicles (see our article on the subject, "Star Tweets Pics of Hair Transplant." By doing that, Rooney broke barriers that have existed for decades. His attitude: why be ashamed? These are his own natural hair follicles and he did it to make himself more confident. By insisting that it was no big deal, it became no big deal.

What a revelation!

Fast forward to today and Rooney's hair continues to grow in nicely. In a story written by Rob Harris of the Associated Press titled, "Hair transplant revives stressed-out Wayne Rooney," the mainstream media is picking up on the fact that hair restoration really is not a big deal. It can make people feel better about themselves -- what's bad about that? Here is an excerpt:

...the results — like United's this season — are unequivocal, with those new follicles now covering his scalp.

"I've spent more time in the mirror," Rooney quipped Tuesday at the England team hotel. "I'm sure some of you who are going bald, it's a bit stressful. So I made a decision to get it done. I thought, why not?"

Meanwhile, Martin Rogers reporting for Yahoo Sports published the story, "Transplanted hair cushions Rooney’s header goals," which suggests that Rooney's teammates attribute his success this season to his transplant.

Wayne Rooney’s teammates believe that a hair transplant is a reason the Manchester United star has return to top form.

Since his transplant he has been outstanding, turning in excellent performances on United’s preseason tour of the United States and again in the opening two games of the EPL schedule.

And remarkable as it seems, the school of thought now emerging in the Old Trafford locker room is that the hair transplant might be partially responsible for Rooney’s resurgence.

“At first the lads were teasing him about playing better and looking more lively now he has got a head of hair again,” a club source told Yahoo! Sports. “But now it really does seem like there is a new confidence about him and a spring in his step. Frankly, everyone is pretty excited about it.” The fact is that we see this happen all the time. People come to us lacking confidence and feeling like they need a major change. After a hair restoration procedure, they feel better about themselves in many ways -- and it stretches far beyond just how they look or how their hair looks. Patients who have a hair transplant tell us that the procedure has a profound impact on how they feel about themselves -- their whole selves.

That's what we are learning from Wayne Rooney. Addressing what he believed to be a weakness has raised the level of his performance in ways he never could have anticipated.

Keep it up Mr. Rooney! The entire hair restoration community is rooting for you!

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