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I Highly Recommend You Use Dr. Arocha If You Are Looking to Get a Hair Transplant" Patient Reviews

google-plus-logo-640We advise patients considering hair restoration to research the surgeons and examine their results before deciding how to proceed. One important consideration should be what real patients have to say about their experiences. We stress the word "real" because it's always interesting to see supposed reviews for some medical practices that include the same words and phrases over and over again -- as if they might have been written by the same person. At Arocha Hair Restoration, we are proud of the high marks we get from real, legitimate patients. One place you can see patient feedback is the Arocha Hair Restoration Google+ Reviews Page where our patients regularly contribute to the discussion by sharing their experiences.

Read a few of the latest hair restoration and replacement patient reviews:

Jared J, 2 months ago:
I had my procedure done in January 2013. Going into the consultation I knew nothing about the procedure and chose Dr. Arocha because he was the only one in the USA that I could find with no poor reviews. We selected a 2500 FUT procedure. Doctor took me through every step in the process and always had helpful coworkers that I talked to on the phone quite a bit when I had questions/concerns. Even after all of this I was still very nervous going into the surgery because I have a bit of anxiety, I nearly fainted when I arrived in the operating room. After this little incident, I laid on the operating table to relax and doc removed the donor site without me even knowing. There was no pain whatsoever and then the second part of the procedure started shortly after. Two of docs assistants put each of the transplanted follicles back into my scalp. I asked to see what one of the follicles looked like during the procedure which was interesting. I had a great lunch in the middle of my procedure and was done in the afternoon. Since I had work done on my hairline there was some redness below my hairline but it was still difficult to tell that I had a procedure a couple days after. I followed all of the post op instructions to the extreme to ensure that the hair would grow quickly and I had lots of growth within 4 months. This growth increased up to about 9 months after the surgery and I am very satisfied with the results. I would definitely recommend and am getting another procedure done soon on another part of my scalp.
Andrew Heard, 4 months ago:
I had a procedure done a year ago and I am very happy with the results! I am going back for another procedure soon. Dr. Arocha is one the best hair transplant surgeons! Him and his entire staff are friendly and take very good care of you. I highly recommend you use Dr. Arocha if you are looking to get a hair transplant.
James B, 4 months ago:
I had a FUE procedure done at Dr. Arocha's office with the ARTAS machine to enhance my beard in a few areas. The thing i liked about his office was that it didn't feel like a typical Dr.'s office at all. It had a warm feel to it and Dr. Arocha and his staff are so engaging that I forgot I was actually at a Dr.’s office at all. The entire staff was very friendly, helpful, and made conversation with me the entire time I was there...even during my procedure(when I wasn’t asleep).
The procedure itself was virtually pain free and as I already stated, I slept through a large portion of it. Dr. Arocha provided lunch as well, and then in the afternoon, I finished my session. I did not experience any discomfort, during, or after my procedure and in fact didn’t take the majority of my pain meds because there is little to no pain post op. Dr. Arocha took the considerable time to answer all of my questions and concerns. Dr. Arocha also took time to get to know me as a person, and not just a patient. We talked about our families, hobbies, and backgrounds. He explained the entire process to me pre-op, post-op, and gave me detailed instructions on what to expect in the days/weeks following the procedure.
I researched several doctors from across the country and chose Dr. Arocha because of his professionalism, kindness, skill, and the before/after photos on his website speak for themselves. Dr. Arocha and his staff are doing wonderful work there in Houston and have made an extremely positive impact on their patients(myself included) through the results they are achieving and the extent to which they extend themselves. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Arocha to anyone considering any type of hair procedure.
Michael Hawash. 5 months ago:
Fantastic. Dr. Arocha runs a very smooth operation and he is the best in the business. I shopped around for a physician to do my hair restoration and found Dr. Arocha through the Internet. From inception, through surgery and follow up care, Dr. Arocha and his staff were top notch. I am very pleased with my new hairline. Highest recommendation!
blue819, 8 months ago:
I did my extensive research for more than a year and finally decided to have FUT done by Dr. Arocha. I had 2800 grafts transplanted 6 weeks back. The maximum hair growth happens between the 3 month and 9 month time period after surgery. So, it is too early to see the complete results; but my experience so far has been very good.
I went in for my free consultation and Dr. Arocha patiently explained me all the details. We discussed the big picture and I booked my op date. Although not very necessary, I opted for Twilight (anesthesia) because I wanted absolutely zero discomfort. I liked Twilight, I just fell asleep and didn't feel a thing, it is not expensive and I will take it for my next op too.
Dr. Arocha and his staff are very friendly, professional, energetic and patient. Craig is very knowledgeable and helpful. Eddy is very prompt in returning my calls and very friendly - on his way back home, he dropped me at my home after my op, believe it or not. Maria and Myra are super sweet. Dr. Arocha and his staff are closely following my progress and everything is looking good at the 6 week mark. I definitely recommend Dr. Arocha.

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