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Several times a year we like to present feedback we see online from our patients here so you don't have to search around for it. If you prefer to go to the source for this information, we encourage you to visit to click through the various patient feedback we get. We recognize that patients are not obligated in any way to post reviews and we appreciate very much the time it takes for them to do so. These first-person accounts of what an artistic hair restoration procedure is really all about from a patient's point-of-view is more powerful and valuable than any amount of advertising could ever be.

Dr. Arocha, an amazing hair restoration surgeon

by Steven762, 09/25/11

I first met Dr. Bernardino Arocha in the summer of 2010. He quoted me a reasonable price, based on my research of several other hair transplant surgeons, and indicated that I needed approximately 3,000 graphs in the frontal area to get a look of fullness. At the time, I was a full-time law student, and needed to wait until I had adequate funding.

So, I returned to see Dr. Arocha about one year later. He not only remembered me, he kept all of his promises, and I was able to have the hair restoration surgery on 9/1/2011. His staff was excellent, attentive, and always polite. Today is 9/25/11, about three weeks since my surgery, and I have absolutely no discomfort.

I highly recommend Dr. Arocha. He is an artist, a man who keeps his word, and someone I completely trust. I am truly grateful to Dr. Arocha for his integrity, and mainly for just caring.

Thank you!


Natural Looking Results from Dr. Arocha

by Pablos, 09/04/11

Most posts on Dr. Arocha will tell you how easy and comfortable the procedure is and how professional and concerned his staff treat you. My experience would echo those posts and I would encourage anyone not to let fear of the procedure sway you from having the procedure done.

I was most impressed with the outcome and how natural looking the results are. The transplanted hairs at my scalp look identical to the natural hairs at my scalp. You cannot tell one from the other, a natural look that was most important to me in deciding to get the procedure done.

I remember back in the early to mid 90s seeing guys who had had a transplant done and it was so obvious. Back then, the point where the transplanted hair went into the scalp had larger "holes" than normal hair, almost like tiny scaps, and they often had multiple hairs coming from the same "scab". In my opinion it would have been a step in the wrong direction to have the procedure done and have an unnatural look scream to everyone that I had a transplant. I would have rather stayed balding.

But, technology in hair restoration has come a long way since then and Dr. Arocha is on the forefront of the advances. After meeting some of his patients and seeing first hand the naturalness of his results I was assured of the natural look he would be able to provide.

After now having two procedures I have also learned that not only are his results natural in appearance but your hair will actually look better than it did before you lost it. In other words, Dr. Arocha not only restores your hairline but brings it back more attractive than it was before. He actually will work with you to help you achieve your desired optimal look. I will be going back for my third procedure soon for this purpose.

If you're on the fence because you fear an unnatural result, my results should encourage you to do it. And you will never have to worry about losing those hairs again. I wish I had done it earlier.

Great Experience of my 2nd Hair Transplant with Dr. Arocha

by Sabby2, 07/28/11

Sabby1I had my second hair transplant procedure done at Arocha Hair Restoration during the last week of July 2011 (photo at right is the "before" photo prior to Sabby's first procedure). While my first procedure with Dr. Arocha was mainly aimed at transplanting hair grafts in my crown, this time the main concentration was my hairline and the temples which had receded very badly, although a fair number of grafts were also put in my crown to increase the density there.

Sabby2I must say that I am very happy with the kind of treatment that I got from Dr. Arocha and his able, experienced, skillful and friendly team that includes Craig, Maria and Jose. They are all nothing less than fantastic!! I feel that I am very well a part of the Arocha Hair Restoration Family! But, let me justify myself. A year ago, I had selected Dr. Arocha after doing a lot of internet research when I came here for my first procedure. Even though it was the first time, Dr. Arocha and his team never let me feel that way. They made me extremely comfortable before, during and after my surgery.

This time during my second procedure with him, he even went one step ahead! I had been travelling all alone from the northern part of the US down south to Houston and was staying at a hotel from the day before my surgery. On the day of my surgery, and even on the day after (when Doc took a look at my condition and his team washed my hair), I was picked up from the hotel by doc’s team and was provided breakfast and lunch at the clinic and was again dropped back to the hotel.

Today, when I am leaving Houston, I decided to meet Doc and his team as a courtesy visit, and now that I writing this experience of mine, my stomach is yet again filled by a heavy lunch that I was provided here by them.. This is what I mean when I say that they make you feel a part of their family, as they did all these things for me voluntarily!

I mentioned all these mainly because - firstly, I feel that this is as much important as the transplant procedure itself; secondly, I guess that Dr. Arocha and his whole team is so very experienced and skillful, that the results of his patients in the form of photos and videos in his website can speak volumes about his ability. If you are interested in seeing my journey of hair restoration, please check my hair restoration journey from the photos that I have posted on the Hair Transplant Network, under author name – “Sabby”.

Honestly speaking, if I was not convinced of his technical ability, I wouldn’t have travelled over 2,000 miles to get back here for my second procedure! But as a patient I would also like to draw your attention to another very important thing. Last year when I had the procedure with around 2,400 grafts, I felt a bit of pain only on the night of surgery. Even that is a rare case, I had expected the pain to remain for atleast 2 or 3 days.

This time I was surprised again because unlike my first procedure, I didn’t even have pain on the night of my surgery, wherein I had received around 3,300 grafts!! And let me also mention that this was not because of an overdose of a pain medication, as I had only half a tablet of pain medicine that night! When I told about this to Dr. Arocha, with a comforting smile on his face, he just told, “We keep on improving everyday Sabby. This time I had used some new techniques..” I guess, that’s the secret recipe of any successful surgeon who always keeps himself updated with the latest state of art.

So without any doubt, I can say that he is probably the best Hair Transplant Surgeon in the world and definitely the best in Houston, TX! So, I would suggest prospective patients to be in touch with him as soon as you can. And, if you are thinking about the cost involved in such kind of a surgery, I can only end by saying that Dr. Arocha is a very kind hearted surgeon and values his patients’ smile more than money!

Worth every penny... He is an Artist!

by houtx2020, 06/03/11

I cannot be more pleased with the work that Dr. Arocha performed on me. Dr. Arocha and his staff were exceptionally friendly and professional. It is amazing to me how natural looking he was able to restore my hairline. Dr. Arocha is an artist (literally), and he uses that artistic ability and eye when he performs his work. I had the procedure performed (2,000 grafts) just over a year ago, and to this day, not one person has asked me if I had received a transplant. It's amazing to me how little I notice my hair now....when just over a year ago I would constantly look at my rapidly receding hairline in every reflection and get depressed. When I say going to Dr. Arocha was worth every hard earned penny....I mean every word of it.

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