Fundamentals of Artistic Hair Restoration By Bernard Arocha, MD on March 17, 2015

Dr. Bernardino Arocha of Arocha Hair Restoration ([url]) has a keen eye for fine art and is an avid art collector. He brings that same artistic passion to his work with patients. In fact, Dr. Arocha describes what he does as, "artistic hair restoration."

Just as great sculptors and painters take time to form shapes with their tools that are pleasing, Dr. Arocha and his team carefully create works of art with hair. The goal is to achieve a natural, undetectable result that meets or exceeds the patient's goals.

Artistic hair restoration begins with Dr. Arocha working with the patient to reveal their goals. He then draws the the new restored hairline with a grease pencil. This establishes a mutual understanding between doctor and patient about what the desired end result will be.

Dr. Arocha describes the hair transplant procedure as "painting with hair." Like all artists, Dr. Arocha spends considerable time planning. This ensures the end result is appropriate for the patient's age and gender. For instance, it would be unnatural for a middle aged man to have the hairline of a teenager. Even men who do not have male pattern baldness experience some receding at the temples -- so the design takes these factors and others into account.

The most critical aspect of artistic hair restoration is the angle and the direction that the Dr. gives the hair. Dr. Arocha says over time and after thousands of hair transplant procedures, he has developed a sense that allows him to envision the outcomes of placing a hair follicle into a particular place and at a particular angle. The goal is to achieve naturally occurring angles that allow the hair to lay naturally.

When you consider that each transplant involves the placement of thousands of follicles, you can see how the artist's intent takes on significance. By planning the placement of each hair follicle and angling it just so, Dr. Arocha achieves natural and undetectable results that exceed patient expectations.

Dr. Arocha offers complimentary, no obligation consultations in person or via Skype. To schedule a free consultation with Dr. Arocha, call 888-723-4247.

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