Corrective Hair Restoration Surgery By Bernard Arocha, MD on March 17, 2015

As if hair loss was not bad enough, some people have the burden of dealing with a bad or unnatural hair restoration. We may not like our thinning or receding hair. However, it is a naturally occurring condition of aging or genetics. A bad or unnatural result from a hair loss treatment is worse because it does not occur naturally and, as a result, draws more attention to itself. It becomes obvious that an attempt has been made to restore hair loss and the attempt was unsuccessful.

Bad hair loss treatment results have the power to further undermine the confidence of those patients expecting a great result. The discomfort associated with hair loss becomes much more heightened after a bad hair restoration. I have seen this occur in an otherwise handsome, young man with disastrous outcome. The young man would always wear a baseball cap to hide his embarrassment. The wife was upset that they could not go to church or social gatherings.

The scope of the corrective medical hair restoration procedure depends on the extent of the bad hair restoration surgery results. Sometimes the problem is due to the use of “plugs” or “doll’s head hair.” The plugged look results when too large a graft is used, creating too much density in an inappropriate area. A natural hairline has a transition zone and a defined zone. The transition zone is comprised of one and two hair follicular units, of finer caliber hair. The transition zone eases into the defined zone, consisting of a denser packing of follicular units that may contain more hair per unit. Under the supervision of a specially trained board certified hair replacement specialist utilizing the latest hair restoration techniques, patients can eliminate that plugged look.

Other iatrogenic results are a result of the improper placing of the hairline. The hairline can be too low or too high. The high hairline is easier to correct since it is always easier to lower the hairline by transplanting into the area of the proper designed hairline. The low hairline is much more difficult to correct since now we have to remove the grafts or raise the hairline by scalp reduction or brow lift. Finding the right hair replacement specialist is critical in hair replacement revision or modification procedures.

An unnatural result can also occur when hair is transplanted into the frontotemporal gulf area. It is even worse when the angulation and direction of the transplanting is also wrong. This creates a very eye catching result to a very unnatural condition. Fortunately, with the implementation of some of the preceding techniques the eye catching, uncomfortable result can morph into a natural invisible result. Such was the case with the young man mentioned earlier.

Life can be stressful enough; your hair does not have to be at the root of it.

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