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Hair loss affects millions of men and women but you don't have to settle for a head of hair you don't love. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a proven hair restoration solution. 

Houston, TX, trusts our hair transplantation team because of our board-certified surgeon's artistic approach and great results for patients. Learn more about Dr. Bernardino A. Arocha and what the FUT procedure can do for you during a free consultation.

What Does
FUT Achieve?


Hair transplantation surgery is the number one way to combat the effects of androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as age-related hair loss. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a modern hair transplant method that can rebuild your hairline and completely transform a balding head of hair.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Doctors performing procedure

After local anesthesia to numb the treatment area, a small strip of skin that has hair follicles is removed from the back or side of your head. Hair that grows in these donor areas is typically permanent, making it ideal for a hair transplant.

Once the strip is removed, Dr. Bernardino A. Arocha and his skilled technicians perform follicular unit extraction, ensuring that over 98% of your follicles survive harvesting. 

After the follicular units have been extracted from your natural donor areas, Dr. Arocha precisely implants the hair follicles into your scalp one by one. He uses his artistic sensibility to mirror the look of natural hair. For example, he mimics your natural hair growth patterns when placing follicular units for a seamless, organic appearance. 

This hair transplant is performed as an outpatient procedure at our Houston, TX, hair restoration office. It typically takes four to six hours. New hair growth is gradual, but after 12 to 16 months, you will have a full, thick head of hair that you can proudly showcase for years. 

FUT results are seamless and blend right in, avoiding the common pitfalls of older hair loss "solutions" that used the outdated hair plug method.

Dr. Arocha Has Been in Your Shoes

Work With a Hair Loss Doctor Who Understands

Dr. Bernardino Arocha's career as one of the nation's top hair restoration doctors is rooted in his own personal experience with a hair transplant. When Dr. Arocha began losing his hair in his 20s, he decided to undergo a hair graft. The excellent aesthetic results and how they boosted his confidence left a lasting impression. 

Dr. Arocha now works to ensure every patient enjoys the same sense of satisfaction that he enjoyed after working with a hair loss doctor. As a board-certified surgeon, hair restoration educator, and someone who knows firsthand the power hair restoration has to change a life, Dr. Arocha is an excellent choice to help you achieve your goals.

Our surgeon is ready to discuss FUT hair transplants and other hair graft techniques that may suit your needs during a free consultation. You can visit our Houston, TX, office for yours, and if you're somewhere other than Houston, Dr. Arocha can meet with you virtually. Send us a message or give us a call to begin.

Practicing in Houston, TX, since 2002, Dr. Arocha has completed more than 6,000 successful hair transplantation procedures to date.

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Dr. Bernardino Arocha

"I felt like I was in the right place
the second I opened their door."


John Mitchell

Houston, TX


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Just had my hair transplant done here today, and let me tell you it was an instant confidence boost when I saw myself in the mirror after Dr Arocha and his team completed the task! Dr Arocha worked with me on a plan and his recommendations and the day of the appointment went flawless! All of his staff are polite and caring and the doctor is involved throughout the procedure! If you are reading this it means you did just what I did for a year and a half and look at every forum to read reviews because of the uncertainty in selecting the right hair restoration team , well from a real live person(42) who had it done this is absolutely the place to go stop looking and go see these amazing people !!!

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D.C. The Musician

Houston, TX


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I had my transplant in November. The Dr and the staff could not have been more helpful and thoughtful when helping make this decision. No stone was left unturned. I went to about 5 doctors before coming to Dr aroacha and it just felt different here. It felt like I was in the right place the second I opened their door. Fast forward 4 months and now I have concrete evidence I went to the right place. The transplant could not look better and I couldn't be happier with my decision. 10/10 recommend Dr aroacha and his staff!!!!

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See Some of Our FUT Results

We Pride Ourselves On Treating Houston's Diverse Community

Hair loss can affect anyone. We provide life-changing FUT hair transplants for men, women, gender-transitioning patients, and patients with diverse ethnic backgrounds. In addition to the scalp, this procedure can also be used to restore facial hair. Dr. Arocha even performs revision procedures for patients who received unsatisfactory hair transplants elsewhere. 

"I’ve been coming to Dr.Arocha for the last three years, he does a great job explaining the benefits of different treatment or procedures!. His staff is always professional and kind as well as very friendly! I normally hate going to the doctor but Dr.Arocha is someone I don’t mind visiting! Would recommend anyone in the Houston area to come to him if you’re suffering from any type of hair loss!" Rene Garcia, 5-Star Google Review

FUT Facial Hair Transplants Achieve the Fuller Beard You Want

For many men, a thick, full beard is just as important as a robust head of hair. If you're not satisfied with your facial hair growth, you're in the right place at our Houston practice. Beard restoration is a specialty of Dr. Arocha's. He can perform a facial hair transplant using follicular unit transplantation, FUE methods, or a combination of the two. Take a look at before-and-after photos of one patient who underwent the procedure:
Dr. Bernardino Arocha's patient before FUT beard transplant
Before FUT Beard Transplant This man in his 30s always wanted a full beard. Genetics and sparse hair follicles made for patchy mustache growth and virtually no hair growth on the cheeks or jawline. Dr. Arocha determined that transplanted follicular units from grafting sites could provide the results the patient desired.
Dr. Bernardino Arocha's patient after FUT beard transplant
After FUT Beard Transplant This second photo was captured just two weeks after Dr. Arocha transplanted the follicular units from the patient's donor areas to his face. The new hair took beautifully, and the patient was already pleased with how natural his results looked, even in the early stages of healing and growth.

Caring for Your Hair After Transplant Surgery

You play an active role in ensuring the very best results. Here are a few tips to help you in the days and weeks following your hair transplantation:

Minimize Touching

Minimize touching the surgical site for at least a week after your follicular unit transplantation. This will help minimize irritation to the scalp and allow your head to heal. 

Elevate Your Head

Sleep with your head elevated for the first week or so following your procedure. This will help reduce swelling. We also advise that you sleep on your back as much as possible. 

Maintain Cleanliness

Wash your hair and scalp with a mild shampoo and conditioner at least twice a week. Avoid harsh chemicals. These can irritate your scalp, cause side effects,  and impact your healing time. 

Be Careful Wearing Hats

Do not wear any type of hat for at least three days. After the first three days, you can wear a loose-fitting hat. You can resume wearing all types of hats after about a week. We recommend waiting a minimum of 10 days before helmet use, but the longer you can go, the better. 

If you develop symptoms such as pain that is not easily managed at home, excessive swelling or bleeding, or signs of infection such as fever, please contact our Houston office so we can address the issue promptly and minimize any potential complications. 

Frequently Asked Questions  About FUT Hair Transplant

Q. Do FUT hair transplants hurt?

A. No. The area will be thoroughly numbed before your procedure begins. If at any point you feel any discomfort, please let your team know so we can make adjustments to ensure your comfort. It is normal to experience some tenderness and mild discomfort as you heal, but this is usually easily managed with over-the-counter medication.

Q. Is this procedure permanent?

A. Yes. FUT hair transplants are a permanent solution for hair loss. The hair will go through a cycle where it may thin and fall out around two to eight weeks after your transplant. However, once that occurs, it will continue to grow normally, providing a thick and permanent solution for your hair loss.  

Q. How many follicular units will I need?

A. This will depend on your unique situation and your desired results. Your doctor will determine how many follicular units will help you achieve your goals. 

Q. How big is the transplant strip?

A. Your doctor will only remove enough tissue to achieve your desired results. The transplant strip should be relatively small, but the size will vary depending on how many follicular units are needed to address your hair loss. On average, the donor site is about 0.5 to 1.5 cm wide and 5 to 30 cm long.

Have more questions about FUT hair transplantation? We're more than happy to answer them. Just reach out.

"Can't Recommend Him Enough"

"I first visited Dr. Arocha about 5 1/2 years ago when I noticed my hair thinning at only 21 years of age. He and his associates are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful with anything you need. I go to Dr. Arocha annually and can’t recommend him enough. If you are looking for a professional for assistance, you have found your place."
Stephen R Orihel, 5-Star Google Review
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Arocha Hair Restoration

Since 2002, Bernardino A. Arocha, M.D. has been transforming lives through the power of hair restoration. With an artistic approach and a variety of procedures available, Arocha Hair Restoration has a track record of providing stunning results. Dr. Arocha is affiliated with prominent organizations with memberships that include:

  • Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)
  • Fellow, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS)
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)

If you're ready for a full head of hair, we invite you to contact us with our form or call us at (713) 526-4247.

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