Corrective (Revision) Hair Transplant Surgery

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Because techniques for hair restoration surgery have progressed in many ways over the years, no longer do patients have to suffer through unnatural-looking hair after the procedure. With that in mind, there are many hair transplant patients that may have previously received treatment with older surgical techniques, resulting in dissatisfaction and/or physical scars that have left a high level of mistrust for hair restoration surgery and hair restoration doctors. For individuals who are seeking solutions that can effectively address these concerns, Dr. Bernardino Arocha offers corrective (revision) hair restoration options that can provide beautifully restored hair and natural-looking results.

Reasons for Revision Hair Transplantation

One of the more common reasons that individuals become dissatisfied with the results of an older hair restoration surgery is that the outcomes of those techniques often simply do not match the natural-looking results that can be achieved with today’s advanced procedures. Techniques such as “hair plugs,” can give off an unrealistic appearance, not to mention a noticeable one. Another reason for dissatisfaction among patients who have had previous hair restoration surgery is that the hairline may look unnatural, or that the thickness of the hair in the treatment areas creates an uneven appearance. These are all issues that can typically be addressed with revision hair restoration procedures.

The Revision Hair Transplantation Procedure

Dr. Arocha offers a variety of advanced hair restoration techniques that can help you meet your needs. He utilizes state-of-the-art technology combined with his many years of experience and skill to produce the best possible, most natural-looking outcomes. While each patient’s individual needs varies, the revision hair transplantation procedure usually involves the removal of some of the hair follicles from the initial treatment followed by transplantation of new hair follicles from the donor area. Dr. Arocha will pay careful attention to overall aesthetics and provide very precise restoration that is more in keeping with your original goals and expectations.

During your complimentary consultation with Dr. Arocha, he will evaluate your needs and talk with you about the options available to you. He can then create a treatment plan that is customized to your individual goals.

Contact Arocha Hair Restoration

To learn more about corrective hair restoration, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact Dr. Arocha today.

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Since 2002, Bernardino A. Arocha, M.D. has been transforming lives through the power of hair restoration. With an artistic approach and a variety of procedures available, Arocha Hair Restoration has a track record of providing stunning results. Dr. Arocha is affiliated with prominent organizations with memberships that include:

  • Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

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